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Who we are

DYNANO is a Marie Curie Initial Training Network, funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme.

It trains a new generation of scientists in the interdisciplinary field of dynamic interactive nanosystems for biomedical & biotechnological applications.

DYNANO partners come from both academia & industry and offer interdisciplinary training in physics, chemistry, biology & medicine to their young researchers.

What DYNANO is about

DYNANO’s scientific objective is to explore multivalent molecular biorecognition by using functional nanoplatforms.

DYNANO researchers design, produce, optimize functional systems such as membranes, biosensors, microarrays & nanodevices for biomedical, biotechnological & industrial applications.

DYNANO recruits 12 PhD students and 3 post-doc researchers to achieve its scientific objective.

DYNANO in a nutshell

  • Advanced inter-disciplinary training using a dynamic chemistry/glycosciences/ nanotechnology platform.

  • Inter-sectorial training between academic groups & industry partners.

  • Advanced knowledge in design & generation of dynamic nanosystems for glycoscience applications.

  • New applications of dynamic nanosystems leading to new products.

Latest DYNANO's News

PressTo Come



  • Ioanna Kalograiaki, one of our Marie Curie Ambassador, was invited to give a presentation on the DYNANO Initial Training Network (ITN) during an Information Day on scientists' mobility at AUTh in Greece, on March 2015. Read her feedbacks about such opportunity.

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  • Description and advantages of Marie Curie ITN programme  by Valentina Garavini and Susanne Schneider, our ESRs at the University of Strasbourg,ICS-ISIS, Strasbourg, France. View the video


  • Interview with Prof. Antonio Villalobo, Professor of Chemistry at IBM. Madrid, Spain. View the interview
  • Interview with Prof. Eugen Gheorghiu, Director of ICB and Professor at ICB, Bucharest, Romania. View the interview


Do not miss the great release : the article about new properties of Mimetic calmodulin Mutants in Plos One online journal!

April 2015

  • Villalobo et al. present the characterization of Phospho-(Tyrosine)-Mimetic Calmodulin Mutants.



News From the coordinator

The NSA group has now its own website.

They are developing an interdisciplinary research project in chemistry, biology & physics, using a supramolecular chemistry/bioorganic chemistry/nanomaterials platform. The methodology consists in a new global approach including many multidisciplinary knots of synergetic concepts in molecular conception, supramolecular transcription and material chemistry which can be implemented simultaneously in order to converge to polyfunctional "Systems membranes".

Project Coordinator: Dr. Mihai BARBOIU, CNRS- European Membrane Institute, CNRS-IEM, Montpellier, France. FP7-PEOPLE-2011-ITN - Grant agreement n°: PITN-GA-2011-289033 - Start date: November 1st 2011 - End date: October 31st 2015 - Duration: 48 months - EC funding: 3 825 000 €.



Last Minutes

Last Minutes News

An amendment on DYNANO project was acted and therefore the end of the project is now on 28 February 2016.



The final meeting was organized by the Coordinator Dr. Mihai Barboiu

and the project manager Hélène Lebrun Andersson.

Thanks to the help of Dr. Yves-Marie Legrand and Christelle Floutier.


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DYNANO's 7th SB Meeting and 10th ISMSC, Strasbourg, FRANCE

The DYNANO network meeting joined the 10th ISMSC organized by the partner ISIS - Strasbourg University (UDS) .

The SB meeting was hold on the 3rd of July 2015 at 10:00 at the ISIS - University of Strasbourg.

Lire la suite...

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DYNANO's 6th workshop, Network & SB Meeting. 15-18 April 2015, Bucharest, ROMANIA

The 6th  DYNANO Event  took place in Bucharest, Romania on 15-18 April 2015.

It was kindly organized by the Institute Center of Biodynamic (ICB). This was a 4-day

(conference to improve complementary skills, SB meeting, practical training, network

meeting, interactive brainstorming and networking) event including a tour of Prof. E.

Gheorghiu's facilities!

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DYNANO’s QCM Training Course and Network Meeting. 1-5 September 2014. Stockholm, Sweden


The DYNANO QCM training course, Network and SB meeting took place on 1-5 September 2014 in

Stockholm, Sweden. It was kindly organized by the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH).

The workshop (1-3 September) was dedicated to QCM courses and set up by Attana AB at KTH.

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DYNANO’s 4th DYNANO Meeting, DyNaMur. 5-9 April 2014, Namur, Belgium

The 4th DYNANO's Network & SB Meeting took place on 5-9 April 2014 in Namur, Belgium.

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