Who we are

DYNANO is a Marie Curie Initial Training Network, funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme.

It trains a new generation of scientists in the interdisciplinary field of dynamic interactive nanosystems for biomedical & biotechnological applications.

DYNANO partners come from both academia & industry and offer interdisciplinary training in physics, chemistry, biology & medicine to their young researchers.

What DYNANO is about

DYNANO’s scientific objective is to explore multivalent molecular biorecognition by using functional nanoplatforms.


DYNANO researchers design, produce, optimize functional systems such as membranes, biosensors, microarrays & nanodevices for biomedical, biotechnological & industrial applications.


DYNANO recruits 12 PhD students and 3 post-doc researchers to achieve its scientific objective.

Latest DYNANO's News


  • Do not miss the new Nature Communication!

    The 1st supramolecular artificial model to show natural mimicking Gramicidin-A (gA) channel!

    The 1st route to conceive novel strategies for artificial channels mimicking nature (gA) was achieved by the collaboration between the NSA group at IEM, the ICGM team, both from Montpellier and the Fyles’ group from Victoria University, Canada.

    Synthetic triazole forming TCT compounds called “T-channel” have shown good example of primitive channel mimicking the simplest known natural channel (Gramicidin-A).

    Both theorical simulations and experiments reveal conduction through the T-channel similar to gA presenting proton/water conduction; cation/anion selectivity and a large open channel conductance states. Therefore, the association of supramolecular chirality with dipolar water alignment inside T-channels proved that they are a good model for artificial primitive mimic of gA! This discovery is of crucial relevance for the understanding of many biological events.



  • Interview with Prof. Jesús Jiménez-Barbero, Head of the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance group at CSIC-CIB. Madrid, Spain. View the interview

  • Vision from Marta Abellan Flos, our ESR at the University of Namur (FUNDP)-CBO Laboratory, Namur, Belgium.

DYNANO in a nutshell

  • Advanced inter-disciplinary training using a dynamic chemistry/glycosciences/ nanotechnology platform.

  • Inter-sectorial training between academic groups & industry partners.

  • Advanced knowledge in design & generation of dynamic nanosystems for glycoscience applications.

  • New applications of dynamic nanosystems leading to new products.












News From the coordinator

The NSA group has now its own website.

They are developing an interdisciplinary research project in chemistry, biology & physics, using a supramolecular chemistry/bioorganic chemistry/nanomaterials platform. The methodology consists in a new global approach including many multidisciplinary knots of synergetic concepts in molecular conception, supramolecular transcription and material chemistry which can be implemented simultaneously in order to converge to polyfunctional "Systems membranes".



Project Coordinator: Dr. Mihai BARBOIU, CNRS- European Membrane Institute, CNRS-IEM, Montpellier, France. FP7-PEOPLE-2011-ITN - Grant agreement n°: PITN-GA-2011-289033 - Start date: November 1st 2011 - End date: October 31st 2015 - Duration: 48 months - EC funding:  3 825 000 €.





Current Vacancies Available

2 Vacancies currently available on DYNANO network : 

  • IEM- Post-doctoral position in constitutional materials (Marie Curie International Training Network)

  • ICS-CNRS-Strasbourg University- Post-doctoral position in supramolecular bio-electronics (Marie Curie International Training Network)

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DYNANO’s QCM Training Course and Network Meeting. 1-5 September 2014. Stockholm, Sweden

The next DYNANO's QCM training course and Network Meeting will take place on 1-5 September 2014

in Stockholm, Sweden. It will be kindly organized by the Royal Institute of Technology.

QCM workshop 1-3rd September (9am to 5pm), is organised by Attana AB and will be held at KTH, go to

Teknikringen 50, Stockholm (Access map)

Network Meeting 4-5th September, will be held at IVAs Konferens Center (IVAs),located

on Grev Turegatan 16, Stockholm (Access map)


QCM course at KTH (Final schedule)

Network Meeting (Preliminary schedule)

DYNANO’s 4th DYNANO Meeting, DyNaMur. 5-9 April 2014, Namur, Belgium

The 4th DYNANO's Network & SB Meeting took place on 5-9 April 2014 in Namur, Belgium.

The Namur Network Meeting started on April 5 with a complementary skills module led jointly by Gilbert Rios from EMH and Mrs. Hernandez from ScomScience. The presentation was entitled “communicate more efficiently” and aimed at supporting ESRs and ERs in better presenting scientific messages whether oral or written. The latter was continued by 20 minutes presentations by all network fellows on the advancement of their individual research projects including our new ESR from Romania: Madalina Axinie. Then, on Monday morning, fellows visited our associated partner SOLVAY for various presentations on industrial research and innovation before registering on Monday afternoon for a three days joint workshop on “DYNAMIC NANO- AND GLYCO-SCIENCES” co-organised with the COST network. Both projects were introduced and encouraged to cross fertilize. Series of lectures were given by scientists from both networks as well as recognized invited speakers.

DYNANO's Team-

Namur, Belgium-

April 2014.

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DYNANO’s Mid-Term Review Meeting. 3-4 October 2013. Madrid, Spain.

The 3rd DYNANO's Network & SB Meeting was held on 3-4 October 2013 in Madrid, Spain. It was organized by the Spanish National Research Council - Centro de Investigaciones Biológicas – CIB.

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Joint DYNANO & GLYCOPHARM Summer School. 30 September- 2 October 2013. Madrid, Spain.

The 3rd DYNANO workshop was organized at the Biological Research Centre (CIB) of CSIC in collaboration with the ITN GLYCOPHARM, as a 3-day joint Summer School. The School included a presentation of the two ITNs by the respective coordinators and a series of lectures by scientists from both networks as well as recognized invited speakers, covering a range of methodologies and approaches of application in biomedicine and (bio)technology, with focus on nanosystems. Among other activities, a special session was devoted to Women in Science, with one lecture analysing the progress of women in the scientific career, the Curie family presented as exceptional example of dual career couple, and a second lecture giving an inspiring example on the potential impact of science on society and on how putting knowledge into action can help to change the world. The summer school also included a visit to several CIB labs, with explanations of the fundamentals and applications of the techniques used therein, and a very constructive open discussion session with Prof. Jean-Marie Lehn, right after his closing lecture. Training activities continued during the DYNANO network meeting (after the Mid-Term review meeting held with the REA representative) with a Management Lecture on Higher Education and a final Brainstorming Session, as this has proved to be very useful for fostering and strengthening collaborations among young and senior researchers in the network.

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DYNANO's Network & SB Meeting 2 - 27-29 March 2013, Budapest

The 2nd DYNANO's Network & SB Meeting was held on 27-29 March 2013 in Budapest, Hungary. It was organized by the Semmelweis University and took place at Novotel Centrum Budapest.

A lab visit at the Semmelweis University, several sessions of presentations of ESR and DYNANO senior researchers were planed. The last day was dedicated to the Supervisory Board meeting.

DYNANO's Team -

March 2013 -

 Budapest, Hungary