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DYNANO's Workshop, Network & Meeting 1 - October 2012, Italy

On 16 October 2012 afternoon, the coordinator M. Barboiu and the organizer A. Scozzafava opened the second Dynano event by welcoming the partners and the students to the first Dynano workshop.

Nicolas Giuseppone had the pleasure to inaugurate the session with a presentation on Dynamic constitutional chemistry where he presented both introductory notions and some deeper insights into the area.

On the 2nd day morning, 2 sessions were dedicated to the Dynamic Glycochemistry and NMR presented by our network experts S. Vincent and J- J. Barbero.

The network meeting followed on 17-19 October. The majority of early stage and experienced researchers had been freshly recruited so it was an excellent opportunity for them to introduce themselves to the consortium and to start practicing their oral skills by presenting their research projects. The network meeting was also an opportunity to enlarge the student's perspectives by presenting possible career development opportunities within Horizon 2020.

The last day of the network meeting was dedicated to discussions on project issues.

We started with the first ESR/ER Committee meeting where we discussed how the fellows could have a direct input into the training network. The students elected Erol Licsandru (CNRS-IEM, France) and Ioanna Kalograiaki (CSIC-IQFR, Spain) to represent the group and to participate to the Supervisory board meetings where they could voice the students' opinions and submit ideas to the general assembly of supervisors.

Indeed, in the following hour, they both participated to the second Supervisory Board meeting of the network. The latter opened the way to discussions on the chore activities of the training network: workshops, summer schools, secondments... students expressed their motivation to beneficiate complementary skills training. They also had a glimpse at how European Projects work on an administrative and financial side since the coming up reporting period was discussed along with the different work packages and the budget.

Finally the afternoon was dedicated to brainstorming on the students' projects and on cooperation between different partners to develop the DYNANO research and training.

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DYNANO's team - October 2012 -

Montecatini Terme, Italy.



Some feedback from our PhD Students on the event:

"I found the whole experience wonderful on all aspects, scientific, communicational, social etc. I think it was a very successful event", Erol Licsandru- PhD Student, IEMM, France.

Most people were communicative, open, willing to collaborate and exchange. There was an explosion of new ideas and an energetic environment. We passed a constructive time in Montecatini Terme and got back home even more inspired and willing to evolve", Ioanna Kalograiaki- CSIC-IQFR, Spain