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Improvement of interdisciplinarity

DYNANO will produce a unique pool of trained scientists with advanced skills in a highly interdisciplinary area, resulting in increased intersectorial comprehension and thereby improved progress in the rapidly growing European life sciences industry


Improvement of career prospects & employability of researchers

Through the DYNANO network, the recruited researchers:

puce Join a world-class training in a timely and strategic field at the interface of chemistry,

      biology and biomedicine

puce Work in international and interactive teams

puce Have access to state-of-the-art facilities

puce Create contacts and build long-term relations with high-ranked scientists both in

      academia and industry

puce Prepare themselves for assuming leadership in their future career in R&D through the

     development of complementary skills.

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Enhancement of public-private sector collaborations

Academia-industry collaborations are strenghtened thanks to:

puce Our research field itself: it has the potential to transform cutting edge science and technology

        into market leading products

puce Training in corporate prerequisites, which stimulates the career prospects of the recruited

        researchers in industry

puce Training in entrepreneurship, that paves the way to potential new start-up enterprises

puce Long-lasting collaborations between the two sectors after the end of the project